About us

BWSGP is the fusion of two houses, BradyWilliams and Stanhopegate Partners. The result is a unique partnership that springs from a shared and deeply felt appreciation of the values that drive excellence in interior design and property development in London. Addressing itself to a growing number of domestic and international clients seeking the very pinnacle of what the capital has to offer, BWSGP is a merger rooted in service, delivery and excellence.

Our Philosophy

BWSGP offers clients a sole point of contact while driving the brief, budget, programme and team of professionals to provide a clear and seamless experience from concept to completion of the build. Our combined experience means that we can fully understand the vision behind the aesthetic concept while ensuring that the construction phase and budget are realistic, cohesive and deliverable in both design and build.

Informing and Supporting our Clients

Our approach is to inform and support our clients at every stage. We always possess a full overview of the project in hand. By staying in charge of all aspects of the design, and coordinating the work of our consultants, designers, specialists and craftsmen, we can present and explain any aspect of the process simply and clearly.

We Meet Your Needs

Whether your project is large or small, in England or overseas, our service will be exquisitely shaped to meet your needs. From the smallest detail in an excavated property extension to the extensive development of one of London’s grandest homes, we will apply our expertise with passionate commitment to your goals.